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Currency Advice Property buyers swap US for Spain 04/03/2015
Demand for Spanish property soared in February 2015, according to new research from, as buyers turned away from American real estate. Enquiries for real estate in Spain surged 33 per cent on the portal compared to January, while demand for US property fell to a record low.
Brits lead demand for Spanish homes, as weak euro attracts investors 02/03/2015
British buyers are leading a surge in demand for Spanish homes. With the pound hitting a seven-year high against the euro last week, favourable currency rates are attracting overseas investors to Spain from the UK, US and Switzerland.
A Place in the Sun Live unveils exhibitor list 02/03/2015
A Place in the Sun Live has unveiled its list of exhibitors for the upcoming 2015 show.
Eurogroup gives green light on Greek bailout extension 24/02/2015
The Eurogroup has given the initial green light on Greece's four-month bailout extension.
Italy sees green shoots of recovery 24/02/2015
Italy is showing green shoots of recovery in its housing market, according to agents, as low prices, a weak euro and rising supply encourage overseas buyers.
All eyes on Europe, as single currency declines on Greek rejection 20/02/2015
All eyes are on Europe today, as the Eurogroup meets to negotiate Greece's eurozone loan, following Germany's rejection of an extension request yesterday.
Time "running out" for future expats to adapt to pension rules 18/02/2015
Time is "running out" for Brits planning to move overseas, if they want to save potentially thousands of pounds when the new pension rules come into effect in April.
Australian interest rate cut to boost property market 12/02/2015
Australia slashed its interest rates earlier this month, in a surprise move that experts are optimistic will boost the property market.
The global currency war: who wins? 10/02/2015
A war has broken out across the globe, as countries compete to keep the value of their currencies down.
Where have all the Russian buyers gone? 09/02/2015
Russian buyers are bidding goodbye to overseas real estate, according to agents, as investors from the company "all but disappear" from some countries.