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Currency Advice Foreign buyers pounce on Greek bargains 19/05/2015
Foreign buyers are snapping up property bargains in Greece, according to agents. The country's negotiations with lenders still show no sign of resolution, but falling prices and a weak euro have created a wave of affordable opportunities for overseas buyers.
Weak euro and lira good news for overseas buyers 19/05/2015
The weak euro and lira are both good news for property buyers, as property becomes more affordable overseas.
Demand stays stable for gold 14/05/2015
Sterling soars on Tory election win 12/05/2015
The pound is soaring on the wings of the Conservative Party's election victory, boosting buying power for Brits overseas.
San Francisco leads prime price growth, as London cools 12/05/2015
San Francisco is leading prime property price growth around the world, as London's luxury market cools.
Spain stays top as new property favourites emerge 07/05/2015
Spain is still the most popular property destination in the world, according to's latest Top of the Props report. While Europe remains the central focus for investors, demand is rising for Thailand, as it emerges as a potential favourite for 2015.
International demand for Brazil to increase? 05/05/2015
International demand for Brazilian property could increase this year, according to one developer. The country's economic slowdown has seen prices cool following years of rapid growth, which Vitacon predicts will encourage overseas buyers.
Gold struggles during US uncertainty 01/05/2015
Gold is struggling during a period of uncertainty for the US economy.
Chinese investment in US increases seven-fold 30/04/2015
Chinese investment in the USA has multiplied seven times in the past five years, according to Deloitte. The country's economy may have slowed down this year, but US property is only expected to continue attracting overseas investors.
US economy shock sends dollar into slump 30/04/2015
Unexpected slow growth in the US economy has sent the dollar into a slump.