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Currency Advice 8 top tips for selling your overseas property 02/09/2014
From setting the right price to staging your home, here are eight top tips for selling your overseas property.
What would independence mean for Scotland's housing market? 01/09/2014
There are only 18 days to go until the Scottish independence referendum - but what would a split mean for the country's housing market?
Property buyers not put off by Italian recession 29/08/2014
Buyers are not being put off by Italy's slide back into recession. If anything, says Target Markets, the opposite is happening.
Investment Watch: Investors set sail for the Caribbean 28/08/2014
Investors set sail for the Caribbean this summer, according to research from The portal's latest Investment Watch report reveals that interest climbed in the Cayman Islands and Bahamas in August, driven by demand for plots of land.
Watch - Darling: Salmond has not answered key points on independence 27/08/2014
Better Together leader Alistair Darling says that key questions on Scottish independence still have not been answered, such as which currency the country would use
Strong sterling sparks spending spree 21/08/2014
The strength of sterling is sparking a spending spree on overseas property, according to one broker.
Pound dips against the dollar 15/08/2014
The Pound has dipped against the dollar for the sixth week in a row, as investors continue to wait for the much-speculated interest rate rise.
Scottish independence could push up mortgage repayments 12/08/2014
India warns of foreign nationals illegally buying property 11/08/2014
India has warned officials to extra vigilant of foreign nationals who are buying property illegally in the country.
Brits warned to budget for exchange and interest rate changes 05/08/2014
British buyers of overseas property have been warned to budget for upcoming changes to exchange rates and interest rates.