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Currency Advice How would Scottish independence affect the housing market? 16/09/2014
There are only two days left until Scotland's independence referendum. What would a "Yes" vote mean for the housing market? We examine the real estate ballot paper...
Could Scottish independence cause house prices to fall? 15/09/2014
There are now only a few days until the Scottish independent referendum takes place, but new data suggests that a "Yes" vote could cause house prices to fall - on both sides of the border.
French buyers head to sunnier Spain 09/09/2014
As President Hollande suffers in the popularity polls, French buyers are heading across the border to Spain to pick up holiday homes, according to new figures.
Threat of Scottish independence delivers sucker punch to pound 09/09/2014
The threat of Scottish independence delivered a sucker punch blow to the pound this week, as a poll suggested Scotland's vote might swing in favour of separating from the UK.
Euro plummets as ECB cuts interest rate to 0.05pc 05/09/2014
The Euro plummeted this week as the European Central Bank decided to cut the benchmark interest rate and introduce stimulus measures.
Back by popular demand: The Overseas Property Show rolls into Birmingham 04/09/2014
The Overseas Property Show rolls into Birmingham this weekend, as part of a UK-wide tour driven by "unprecedented" buyer demand.
8 top tips for selling your overseas property 02/09/2014
From setting the right price to staging your home, here are eight top tips for selling your overseas property.
What would independence mean for Scotland's housing market? 01/09/2014
There are only 18 days to go until the Scottish independence referendum - but what would a split mean for the country's housing market?
Property buyers not put off by Italian recession 29/08/2014
Buyers are not being put off by Italy's slide back into recession. If anything, says Target Markets, the opposite is happening.
Investment Watch: Investors set sail for the Caribbean 28/08/2014
Investors set sail for the Caribbean this summer, according to research from The portal's latest Investment Watch report reveals that interest climbed in the Cayman Islands and Bahamas in August, driven by demand for plots of land.