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Currency Advice Rising dollar sees foreign demand for New York property fall 20/11/2014
The growing strength of the US dollar is causing foreign demand for New York property to fall.
EU economy grows: good news for currencies? 14/11/2014
The EU economy grew in the third quarter of 2014, despite concerns surrounding Germany and France's economies.
Italian property targets Chinese buyers as Brits return 11/11/2014
Italy is increasingly targeting Chinese investors to buy its property. While a new portal has launched called ("sell to the Chinese"), though, buyers are returning from America and the UK.
Overseas property market grows in 2014 07/11/2014
The overseas property market continues to grow, according to new reearch, as the interest in buying international property remains far ahead of last year.
"Currency crisis": Russia's ruble ruckus 07/11/2014
Speculation surrounding the future of Russia's ruble descended into a ruckus this week, as the currency plunged in value.
Pound continues losing streak 31/10/2014
Bitcoin accepted by electronics retailer CeX 31/10/2014
Bitcoin is now accepted by the electronics retailer CeX in the UK, one of the biggest adoptions of the digital currency so far.
Russia falls to low against euro 31/10/2014
Demand for ski property snowballs 30/10/2014
Demand for ski property in the French Alps is snowballing amid an avalanche of good conditions.
Pound stabilises as Ebola strengthens yen 24/10/2014