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Currency Advice Greece votes no - but buyers still saying yes to property 06/07/2015
Greece's Finance Minister has resigned, following a "no" vote in the country's referendum on EU financial proposals. Does that make a Grexit more likely? And will overseas buyers keep saying "yes" to its property?
Euro holds steady despite Greek concerns 03/07/2015
The euro has held steady this week, despite concerns surrounding the Greek bailout crisis.
Spain reigns as eurozone worries spread 02/07/2015
Spain reigns but investors were mainly on the plane out of Europe in June, according to's new research. The portal's latest Top of the Props report shows that Spanish property is now the most sought-after in the world, despite falling demand for other European destinations, as concerns surrounding the Greek bailout crisis spread.
Number of Brits buying French property "explodes" 29/06/2015
Greece moves to block bank run, as crisis grows 29/06/2015
Greece has taken steps to block a severe run on its banks, as the economic crisis grows.
Hotspots Index: Property buyers shrug off Greek crisis 25/06/2015
Property buyers are shrugging off any concerns surrounding the Greek bailout crisis, according to The portal's latest Hotspots Index reveals that Europe has never been more attractive to house-hunters, with Greece joining the Top 5 hotspots in Q2 2015 for the first time.
Euro edges up as Greek future hangs in balance 25/06/2015
Weak ruble sees Russian investment wobble 25/06/2015
Russian investment overseas has wobbled this year, following the weakening of the ruble.
Portuguese property sales see record rise 24/06/2015
Portuguese property sales have risen by the sharpest rate on record, according to new figures, as the country's property market continues to rebound. With prices expected to climb across Portugal, can the recovery resist the wider European uncertainty?
Zurich most expensive city to live in Europe 18/06/2015
Zurich is the most expensive city in which to live in Europe, according to one new report.