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Currency Advice Apple shuts shop as Russian ruble wobbles 17/12/2014
Apple has suspended online sales in Russia, as the country's currency continues to experience extreme wobbles.
Euro weakens as inflation stays low 12/12/2014
The Euro weakened this week against the US dollar, as American continued to strength and the continent's inflationary pressures remained low.
UAE firm nicks New Scotland Yard 11/12/2014
A UAE firm has nicked New Scotland Yard's HQ for £370 million.
Infographic: Homesick Brits dream of flying home for Christmas 10/12/2014
British expats are dreaming of flying home for Christmas, as a new survey reveals that one in three are homesick and would move back if they could.
Dollar hits five-year high 05/12/2014
The dollar has hit a five-year high, as the US currency enjoys its strongest week in a long time.
Watch - Bitcoins Taken From Silk Road to Be Sold in Second Auction 05/12/2014
Charles Allen, chairman and CEO of Bitcoin Shop, discusses the U.S. government's auction of 50,000 bitcoins as it disposes of the virtual currency seized after closing down the illicit Silk Road marketplace last year.
2014 OPP Awards winners announced 01/12/2014
The winners of the 2014 OPP Awards were announced last week at OPPLive London...
Pound's strength boosts British demand for property 28/11/2014
The pound's strength has boosted British demand for overseas property this year.
British property buyers splash cash abroad 25/11/2014
Most British people purchasing overseas property for lifestyle purposes are cash buyers, despite mortgage rates in the Eurozone currently being at historic lows.
Rising dollar sees foreign demand for New York property fall 20/11/2014
The growing strength of the US dollar is causing foreign demand for New York property to fall.