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Currency Advice Natal ranked top city for investment 02/10/2015
Natal in North-East Brazil has been ranked as one of the top cities for investment, according to a new survey.
Hotspots Index: Portugal appeal shows no sign of fading 30/09/2015
Portugal's property appeal shows no sign of fading, according to new research from The portal's latest Hotspots Index reveals that the country has never been more attractive to house-hunters, dominating the Top 10 Hotspots in Q3 2015.
Exchange rates boost Brit spending power 28/09/2015
Euro can save a lot on your property by paying attention to currency exchange rates and that's no lira.
UK appetite for overseas property increases 21/09/2015
UK buyers are increasingly hungry for overseas property, as the pound's strength against the euro boosts their spending power. Visits to from the UK have surged over 40 per cent in the past year, as developers from around the world seek agents to connect them with investors.
Fed rate hold sends dollar down 18/09/2015
The Federal Reserve's decision this week to keep interest rates at historic lows has sent the dollar into decline.
Dubai developers positive in face of price drops 16/09/2015
Dubai developers remain positive in the face of ongoing property price drops.
Local buyers return to French market 15/09/2015
Local buyers have returned to France's property market, as September sees routine resume for borrowers and lenders.
Yuan weakens as China becomes the new Greece 08/09/2015
China has become the new Greece in the world economy, as the country's currency devaluates following financial jitters.
Decisions to make before investing in an overseas residence 07/09/2015
A short list of some of the choices you should make before investing in an overseas property.
Weak loonie makes for sensible property profits 04/09/2015
The weak loonie has opened up opportunities for sensible Canadian buyers to make a profit from their US property purchases.