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Currency Advice December rate hike to send dollar surging 20/11/2015
The Federal Reserve’s latest meeting suggests that a rate hike is likely to occur in December, something that experts predict will send the dollar surging.
Euro brings Middle East investment to Berlin 17/11/2015
The weak euro is helping to bring Middle East investment to Berlin. The Germany capital's property market is booming for investors, with the favourable exchange rate boosting the underlying fundamentals of a growing population and a limited supply.
GDP slows as Eurozone economy loses steam 13/11/2015
Eurozone GDP rose just 0.3 per cent in the third quarter of 2015, according to new figures released today.
2015 Overseas Property Show adds new Belfast date 11/11/2015
Russian investment in Bulgaria declines 10/11/2015
Bitcoin boom continues 06/11/2015
Gold gets seasonal boost 06/11/2015
Demand for gold has received a seasonal boost, despite an overall decline in value and investment.
Goldman Sachs: Euro dollar parity in December? 30/10/2015
Egyptian currency falls to record low 30/10/2015
Egypt's currency has fallen to a record low this month, something that should prove a boost to the real estate industry.
Free overseas property seminars at Luxury Property Show 16/10/2015
Want to find out more about buying prime property in Florida, Portugal and Spain? Then head to the Luxury Property Show in London on 3 and 4 November.