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Currency Advice House price growth slows in England and Wales 28/07/2014
House price growth is slowing in England and Wales, according to the latest official statistics, although values remain 6.4pc higher than last year.
Strengthening pound boosts property returns for overseas buyers 25/07/2014
The pound's strong growth over the last year has boosted London property returns for overseas investors.
African cities ranked most expensive for expats 23/07/2014
The African cities have been ranked the most expensive in the world for expats by the 2014 Mercer Cost of Living Survey. The annual report found that Luanda, Angola, and N'Djamena, Chad, are the most costly places for expats to live.
Spain Buying Guide opens new office in Costa del Sol 23/07/2014
Spain Buying Guide has opened a new office in the Costa del Sol aimed at helping buyers invest at a time when the market is starting to recover.
Moving your business abroad: The essentials 23/07/2014
Many things drive a company to relocate abroad; specific business opportunities, a saturated market at home, or the promise of reduced labour costs. Regardless of the motivation though, moving your business to another country is by no means a simple affair. Here is a list of important things you'll need to consider.
Chinese currency allegations spark investment fear 21/07/2014
Allegations that money laundering has taken place through an unannounced Chinese currency scheme have sparked investment fears, as the country becomes an increasingly major power in overseas real estate. Some experts, though, have dismissed these fears as unfounded.
BRICS bank and currency reserve launched 16/07/2014
Strong pound boosts Brit spending in Spain and France 16/07/2014
A growing number of Brits are buying property overseas, according to one mortgage broker, as currency rates make countries such as Spain and France more affordable.
Spain Buying Guide opens new Spanish office 15/07/2014
Buying a dream home in Spain is about to get much easier for British and other foreign purchasers, following the opening on 15th July 2014 of an office in the Costa del Sol by online resource company,, part of the Overseas Guides Company.
Bitcoin's falling value fails to slow momentum 11/07/2014