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Currency Advice Pound stabilises as Ebola strengthens yen 24/10/2014
Crystal Ridge: "The perfect Floridian investment" 07/10/2014
Investment specialists Albany Hill have teamed up with Crystal Homes, a US developer, to launch Crystal Ridge, a fantastic solution to owning a Florida holiday home.
Platinum struggles against dollar's strength 03/10/2014
Pound down as US dollar climbs 03/10/2014
The pound has continued to weaken this week as the US dollar grows in strength.
Confidence in Portuguese property hits record high 02/10/2014
Confidence in Portuguese property is now at a record high, according to new figures.
Asian currencies fall fourth week in a row 26/09/2014
Lithuania's accession proves the euro is "attractive" 26/09/2014
Lithuania will enter the eurozone and join the single currency at the start of 2015, a move that ECB President Mario Draghi says proves the euro is still "attractive".
London overtakes Hong Kong to become world's most expensive city 25/09/2014
London has overtaken Hong Kong to become the most expensive place in the world for employers.
Bali and Cape Town offer biggest bang for Brit bucks 22/09/2014
Bali and Cape Town offer the biggest bang for British bucks, according to the latest research from the Post Office.
Watch - Western sanctions bite Russia's economy 22/09/2014
Russia's currency the rouble is trading at an all-time low versus the dollar as concerns grow over the impact of sanctions on the country's economy.