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Currency Advice Where are Russian investors really buying property? 4/17/2014
Earlier this month, examined the impact of the Uktraine crisis upon the local property market and other countries. But what are Russian buyers really looking for in an investment? Where are they investing? A new report from a Portuguese site provides some insight...
US, Aussie dollar, Lira all slump 4/11/2014
The US dollar, Aussie dollar and Turkish Lira all suffered declines this week.
Indian property to get post-election boost? 4/4/2014
Indian property may get a post-election boost, according to experts.
eBay adds virtual currencies to US site 4/4/2014
Euro slips following ECB statement 4/4/2014
The value of the euro slipped at the end of this week following a statement from the ECB, which did not rule out quantitative easing to help to single currency.
Most US investors choose gold over Bitcoin 4/3/2014
Most US investors would choose to put their money in gold rather than Bitcoin, according to a new survey.
How has the Ukraine crisis affected the property market? 4/2/2014
Searches for property in Crimea have increased "dramatically", according to one estate agent, following the annexation of Crimea. So how has the Ukraine crisis affected the property market?
Watch - Switzerland begins currency probe - economy 4/1/2014
Swiss and British regulators have stepped up their scrutiny of alleged manipulation of foreign exchange markets.
Scotland should prepare for a new currency 3/28/2014
Scotland's finance officials have been warned by a new report that they should prepare for a new currency in the event of the country separating from the UK.
IRS: Bitcoin is not a currency 3/26/2014
The IRS has ruled that Bitcoin is not a currency and will treat the digital coinage as property in issues of tax.