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Currency Advice Mixed picture for the pound 30/07/2015
The pound has had a mixed performance against the world’s major currencies over the past year, according to Lloyds Bank.
Property buyers head to Spain as the pound rides high 28/07/2015
British buyers flock to France 23/07/2015
British buyers are flocking to France to take advantage of the affordable euro. With the pound at an eight-year high against the currency, investors are £50,000 better off than a year ago.
Pound's eight-year euro high gets summer off to bright start 21/07/2015
The summer has begun with a bright start for British spenders overseas, as the pound reaches an eight-year high against the euro.
Greek crisis: Good news for buyers? 21/07/2015
British homeowners and estate agents in Greece will welcome the Greek Parliament's approval of the austerity measures last week, but has the crisis been good news for buyers?
Strong dollar drives US demand for property 13/07/2015
The strong dollar is driving up US demand for property overseas. The currency is boosting their spending power across Europe, with both Italian and Greek agents reporting a rise in interest.
US commercial property investment jumps 30pc 13/07/2015
The USA is now leading global commercial real estate investment, according to JLL, following a 30 per cent rise in sales volumes.
Will China's stock market affect the global property market? 10/07/2015
China's stock market has crashed in the past month, sending a shock wave of financial concern across industries and countries. Will it affect the global property market?
Confidence comes back to Cyprus 07/07/2015
Confidence is coming back to the Cypriot property market, after years of being mired in legal and financial troubles. With an improving economy and new government measures in effect, buyers are returning to the island.
Greece votes no - but buyers still saying yes to property 06/07/2015
Greece's Finance Minister has resigned, following a "no" vote in the country's referendum on EU financial proposals. Does that make a Grexit more likely? And will overseas buyers keep saying "yes" to its property?